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Project Description

User Research In Childcare Domain

User Research provides valuable insights from the childcare domain.


Our client for this project was a Gurugram based childcare startup focused on providing childcare service. They were an early-stage startup aiming to innovate in the childcare domain. The startup team developed a concept of service intended to be used by daycare centres. They were looking for thorough research on the concept with daycare centre owners in the Delhi-NCR region.


The focus of the study was on understanding the running of daycare centres and the roles and responsibilities of their employees. The concept testing of the service to be done with daycare employees to get an understanding of their perception of the concept and their concerns and queries as a new user.


Our in-house UX researchers relished the challenge, having personal experience in parenting and interacting with daycare centres in recent years, with this unique experience aiding the in-depth understanding of childcare domain were going to be put to the test.

The project organisation involved recruiting participants who were daycare centre employees. The in-person interviews were conducted by a team of UX researchers. The team also presented the concept to the participants during the interviews to get their perception of the concept. We provided the audio recordings of each session to the client in addition to our report.

Quick Facts

  • Niche childcare service
  • In-person interviews with daycare centre employees
  • Participants’ perception of the client’s concept


The scope went beyond concept testing and included more in-depth research. The findings were encapsulated into a detailed report designed to suit the client’s specific needs and including user experience insights.

The findings helped in improving the concept and uncovering issues the client was not aware of.

This resulted in the fine-tuning the development of the concept at the early stages.

“Our product benefited a lot from the on-ground research done by Atul and we could tweak our direction early on, even before our first high fidelity design.”

Client- Startup Founder