Improving the User Experience of the Security Portal for a Bank: A User Research Journey2023-09-23T18:17:33+05:30

Project Description

Improving the User Experience of the Security Portal for Bank: A User Research Journey


The client, a leading bank, wanted to redesign their internal Security Portal to improve the user experience and satisfaction. The Security Portal is a website that provides information, guidance, and support on various security topics and services for the bank’s employees.


We were hired to conduct user research for the Security Portal redesign project. Our objectives were to:

  • Inform the design process about user tasks, preferences, and pain points related to the existing Security Portal
  • Gather user feedback on the prototype, and find usability issues in it
  • Facilitate discussions about the design decisions with the key stakeholders


We used a mixed-methods approach to collect both quantitative and qualitative data from the users. Our methods included:

  • Card sorting exercise and follow-up interviews: We asked 60 users to sort 70 topics into categories that made sense to them. We then interviewed 7 users to refine the information architecture based on their feedback.
  • Security Meeting survey: We presented the prototype to 19 key stakeholders in a Security meeting and asked them to fill out a survey about their impressions and suggestions.
  • Two rounds of user interviews: We conducted 8 and 7 user interviews respectively in two rounds to test the prototype and identify usability issues and improvement areas.
  • Survey for contact us page: We asked 32 users to choose between two options of tab names for the contact us page and explain their reasons.
  • Tree testing and new UI design survey: We asked 17 users to complete 11 tasks using a tree structure of the prototype and then answer three open-ended questions about the homepage design.

Quick Facts

  • The user research program lasted for 3 months.
  • We involved users from various business areas and roles in the bank.
  • We used online tools for card sorting, tree testing, and surveys.


We delivered a comprehensive report with detailed findings and recommendations for each study. Some of the key results were:

  • We created a new information architecture for the Security Portal based on the card sorting exercise and follow-up interviews. We validated it with tree testing and user interviews.
  • We improved the look and feel of the homepage based on the Security meeting survey and user feedback. We made it more professional, clear, and easy to navigate.
  • We enhanced the content pages based on user feedback. We added descriptions, links, widgets, FAQs, and policy guidance to make them more informative and useful.
  • We renamed some of the categories and topics based on user feedback. We also added some new topics that were suggested by users or stakeholders.
  • We improved the contact us page based on user feedback. We changed the tab names, added descriptions, grouped emails, and provided links to content pages.

Our user research helped our client to create a user-centered design for their Security Portal that met their users’ needs and expectations. Our client was very satisfied with our work and appreciated our expertise, professionalism, and creativity.