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Expert Evaluation

In an expert evaluation, a usability expert walks through a website based on user scenarios, to asses the user interface and usability issues. The usability expert uses his/her experience of testing websites with users, published research data, industry-accepted usability practices to evaluate the website and identify usability problems. 

Identifying usability issues when time and resources are short

Expert evaluation is an inspection method used to identify usability problems in a product or service. The assessment is done by a small group of usability experts (between 1 and 4) to analyse the product or service against any usability issues. This method is one of the user-centred design processes that does not involve any direct contact with end-users. It is a good fit for product development timelines and budgets that will not accommodate usability testing.

By expert evaluation, we provide UX recommendations, including:

  • What features may cause usability issues and should be improved
  • What features will make the users come back and should be retained
  • What features should be tested with actual users


Why do you need an expert evaluation?

  • Businesses get fast, low-cost feedback on their product.  This method is useful at almost any stage of their product development lifecycle.
  • A broad range of UX insights and recommendations is delivered. The evaluators can inspect most or even all features of the product.
  • Product review is relatively fair and unbiased. The evaluators give a different perspective on the product, which is independent of the biases and presumptions of the product development team.

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